SpecLink-E is available in 3 versions designed to meet different users’ needs.


  • Relevant for one or two concurrent users only
  • Operates on Microsoft SQL Express
  • Capacity of up to 35 medium-sized projects before archiving


  • Required for three or more concurrent users
  • Operates on full Microsoft SQL programming
  • Unlimited data storage
  • User roles:
    • Reviewer: Read-only access. Includes ability to print documents.
    • Standard: Read/write access.
    • Expert User: All Standard permissions, plus ability to accept Master updates and create links.
    • System Manager: Can do anything within SpecLink-E. This includes the ability to create an office master and protect it against inadvertent changes.
  • Office Master Project Protection: One or more projects can be designated as "Office Masters" with editing of those projects limited to those designated as System Manager.
  • Audit trail showing who has edited content.

Web Hosted:

The Web Hosted version of SpecLink-E includes all of the corporate features described above, plus the following:

  • BSD will host all your files, eliminating all IT costs on your end.
  • BSD handles all software updates, so you always have the latest version of SpecLink-E.
  • You can access your projects from any device with Internet connectivity — from desktop to tablet to cell phone, with no known firewall issues.