The SpecLink-E Editing Process

Editing in SpecLink-E is done by selecting (or turning on) what you want to include in a project spec in a user-friendly checklist format. This approach reduces spec production time by up to 70%. Information you omit for a project is never deleted—it remains visible and available for subsequent inclusion.

In a word processing-based system, you have to edit each section by deleting what you do not want in the project spec. If you return to the project later and want to restore text that you deleted, you have to start all over again with the master guide version of that section. This can be a long and tedious process leading to oversights and mistakes. None of that happens in SpecLink-E.

Key features of SpecLink-E editing include the ability to:

  • Edit any text directly or create new paragraphs and sections quickly and easily using built-in templates.
  • Export your specs to word processing or PDF files.
  • Add, modify, and delete Choice fields in a user version of a Master paragraph without interfering with the Master version.

Although most editing is simply a matter of clicking on text you want to include, you can also edit master text, add your own paragraphs, and import text from word processing. All your changes to the master text are stored in a project overlay file that is completely unaffected by our automatic updates.