BSD products address all phases of design and construction

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MASTER GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS — BSD SpecLink®-E is designed to produce documentation for all types of projects and for all phases of a project — from programming all the way through construction administration. Our database of 783 sections can be expanded or collapsed to provide outline, short form, and full construction specs — without the need to start over at each phase of a project. SpecLink-E is a sophisticated master guide specification system subscribed to by architects, engineers, and specification writers nationwide that lets users:

  • Reduce spec production time.
  • Speed up editing tasks.
  • Update specs automatically and painlessly without disruption.
  • Improve spec coordination.
  • Reduce errors & omissions.
  • Transition seamlessly from schematic design specs to design development specs to full construction specs, using the same database.
  • Access built-in automation for simplifying sustainable design certification, including LEED v4.
  • Connect to BIM through BSD LinkMan-E

CLOUD BASED VIEWER -- SpecLink Cloud is a platform designed to simplify sharing and collaborating on building project specifications. Designed with the project team in mind, SpecLink Cloud enables architects, engineers and specifiers to share and review specifications with their constituents including owners, consultants and contractors.

The solution is cloud-based and projects are accessible on any browser-enabled device with information organized on a central, secure platform. Customers also have complete control over who has access to that information. SpecLink Cloud is a companion tool for SpecLink-E, the most advanced solution available today for specification writing and production. Click here to see how SpecLink Cloud will enable virtualization and collaboration across the design process.


BIM INTEROPERABILITY — BSD LinkMan-E is an interoperability tool that will connect multiple applications through a comprehensive master database. Initially, it provides interoperability between BSD SpecLink-E and Autodesk's Revit. It allows a project manager to see and compare data from each application, highlighting conflicts and missing information. It can also be set to automatically "turn on" appropriate sections and specification text in SpecLink-E — based on data from the Revit model.

The data from Revit can be updated at any time without overwriting edits that have been made in BSD SpecLink-E, and users can add their own BIM objects and link them to the LinkMan-E data in a simple drag-and-drop process.

COST ESTIMATING — BSD CostLink®/AE is a different kind of cost estimating tool. It was designed by design professionals for design professionals — architects, engineers, and others — for whom cost estimating is important but not their primary job function. Produce budgetary estimates on day one in less than 15 minutes – and produce detailed cost estimates at any point in project development.

BSD SpecLink for Building Product Manufacturers – This year, SpecLink-E’s more than 10,000 users will specify manufacturers by name over a million times. Just think of what that could mean for your products. As a SpecLink-E manufacturer, you’ll reach specifiers at the point of decision with pictures and other important details. And when specifiers choose your products, SpecLink-E uses intelligent links to ensure that the specifications match your product. But the best part is that we can prove the results. SpecLink-E provides specific, section-by-section reporting and includes frequency of use, details of individual projects, and the names of products actually specified.