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The best part of the training was that the time was dedicated. Anyone could work their way through the training manual on their own, but when you try to do it while working on other things, it takes a lot longer and doesn't make as much sense. Doing it as a formal training program was vastly superior. We were isolated in a conference room with no phones, no chatter from neighbors, and no interruptions. A big part of the training is having the instructor instantly available to answer questions.

Virtual Training Class September 2014

I've enjoyed the virtual training environment. Other's questions help to learn more. The best part of this training, no need to travel to another state and disrupt your professional life as well as personal life in order to get trained. My hat's off to SpecLink for offering Virtual Training.

Virtual Class April 2012

The class was very good. I am already applying some of the stuff I learned to a spec I am working on today. The instructor was very good, I would recommend the class to anyone interested in the SpecLink E program.

Chicago April 2011

I want to thank you for your clear and informative classes. You have successfully demystified the software for many of our users. One user said he had learned more in the first half day of training than he had learned on his own in several weeks. Thank you for a job well done.

Los Angeles February 2011

Since the training class, I have been using the heck out of the software! I am much more comfortable in it now. I actually enjoy doing specs now, and that is a sickness!

Regional Class February 2009

Having used SpecLink for several years, I had not taken a class before and seeing how the linking and non-printing checklists work will make our SpecLink use much more beneficial to our office.

Michigan March 2009

The smaller class size was helpful for 'one on one' instruction.

Seattle, 2008

Well paced. Perfect proportion of instruction, demonstration, and hands on activity. The lessons did not drag - good content and well suited for a variety of users. Easy to stay engaged.

On-site training, Texas, 2007

Thanks for everything! This was definitely worth the money (unlike lots of training classes!)

Virtual Training Class