Supporting Documents

BSD approaches the subject of enabling the specifying design professional to make efficient and effective decision making in a variety of ways. We have always had content and functionality within each section explaining how to specify and we are continuously adding links to additional supporting documentation here on the web.

Within Speclink-E:

  • Master Notes are structured to provide a vast amount of information, guidance and education on various options and decisions the user must make to create a compete specification and define project requirements. Embedded Intelligent Linking also provides significant guidance to user decision-making.
  • Optional Checklists, where included in Sections, have decision specific considerations and are engineered to intuitively guide the user through the major decisions required in the section, and the related decisions that affect other sections.
  • Our continuous updating is integral to this information and functionality as well.

On the web:

The goal is to help one get prepared to specify, what questions one may need to ask and in many cases, we are sharing additional research and insight that we used in creating or overhauling our sections to stay on top of industry changes and trends.

The following linked documents can be thought of as additional, supplemental material to the specification sections within SpecLink-E. If you're confused about which section to use for a specific project, or for example unclear on, say, the differences between different types of air handling units, transformers or maybe waterproofing or sealant applications, or sustainable design issues we hope we can clear up those questions.

We plan to greatly expand the listed documents here, for every section in SpecLink-E, so bookmark this page for future reference. Please contact us at if you feel there is an area that could benefit from additional information via our supporting documents.

Additional Topics:

Coming Soon: Green Globes and LEED update. Rather than many separate updates, we have expanded the Sustainable Design content to deploy not only new Green Globes content for new and interior construction, we are expanding LEED V4 to include LEED V4 Homes (Multifamily) and other LEED programs that were previously not included. We know there are still active projects with Subscribers due to the LEED 2009 sunset last year and there will be concurrent updates will be made to LEED 2009, since LEED has evolved since our LEED 2009 sections were superseded with the initial LEED V4 release.

Soon to follow this update: We have entirely new content in the works to address Well Building Certification. (This is a later release)