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BSD SpecLink Featured Manufacturer

Web-based application for control and monitoring of lighting and/or window shade control in Sections 12 2509 - Window Shade Control Systems and 26 0943 Network Lighting Controls

Over the past year, BSD has helped Lutron completely overhaul our CSI spec position. Our four sections inside SpecLink‐E place our most important products in front of specifiers at the time they are making their decisions. Because the sections are 'smart,' specifiers can choose the appropriate combination of products easily for systems that can be difficult to specify, and SpecLink‐E’s 'spec by inclusion' logic helps prevent users from over‐specifying extended warranties and extra services that often remain as part of un‐edited boilerplate specs.

Lutron is also using SpecLink‐E as an in‐house spec writing tool. Both our inside and outside sales teams use the software daily to easily write project‐specific specifications for customers. Salespeople are now writing specs in a matter of minutes (rather than the hour or more they used to spend editing multiple Word documents), custom‐tailoring the sections for each project.

SpecLink‐E is a truly remarkable product that has improved Lutron’s spec position and has increased our team’s efficiency in the field.

Many thanks to you and to your team at BSD!

BSD SpecLink Featured Manufacturer

Paints and Coatings for Sections 09 9113 - Exterior Painting and 09 9123 - Interior Painting

I would like to congratulate your team on a job well done for the innovative solution that BSD has created for Sherwin-Williams paint specifications within SpecLink.

SpecLink now makes it easier than ever for a specification writer to work within the MPI categories and confidently select the correct Sherwin-Williams products and insert them into their specification.

BSD’s elegant approach of linking Sherwin-Williams paint products to the MPI system within SpecLink brings a new level of simplicity to the challenging task of writing a good paint specification.

We often hear from specifiers that selecting appropriate paint systems for a given project is one of their most difficult tasks. SpecLink takes this difficult and time-consuming task and greatly streamlines the process, making it fast and easy to create a reliable paint specification. This represents a significant contribution to the construction specifications community.

Wagman Metal Products
BSD SpecLink Featured Manufacturer

Steel-Reinforced Plastic Trowel Blades in Section 03 3000 - Cast-in Place Concrete

Despite initial doubts, and having a notoriously hard product to specify, SpecLink-E literally got us spec'd on over 100 projects our first year.