Custom Spec Writing

Most manufacturers find that listing in an existing SpecLink-E section is the perfect way to get their products specified correctly and more often. But sometimes, a product is complex enough that a custom spec is needed.

That’s where BSD’s expert specification writers come in. Our in-house spec writers will create a 3-part, CSI-style proprietary master specification to provide to your customers on your website and to integrate with SpecLink-E. Your custom spec will then be available alongside BSD’s existing SpecLink-E section.

Intelligent Checklists

If your project is especially complex, BSD can also create an intelligent checklist of upfront questions that pre-edit the section based on the user’s answers. These checklists give you a much greater chance of being specified correctly—and they save users time in the process.

Custom Spec Writing Sample

Cosella-Doerken Products provides polyethylene waterproofing, drainage, and vapor barrier products utilizing a unique "dimpled" design. Because this design is unfamiliar to many architects, Cosella-Doerken commissioned BSD’s writers to create a proprietary section for SpecLink-E. Using the company's product catalog and with input from the company, BSD’s writers created the text, added notes and intelligent links, and created an intelligent checklist.

Cosella-Doerken can distribute this word processing document to clients across the industry, even if they don’t yet use SpecLink-E. Have a look and see the spectacular results that BSD’s writers can produce.