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Taylor Design

Today, advances in specification writing have given technologically advanced firms a new way to create and maintain their office masters. No longer do specification writers have to dedicate countless hours to the thankless task of keeping reference standards and manufacturer citations up to date. Instead, they can focus on improving the specialized data and content in their office master that is relevant to the types of projects the firm undertakes. One company that embraces this model is Taylor Design, a west coast firm with offices in northern and southern California. Read the entire story (pdf)

"We like SpecLink-E very much. It is doing what we need it to do."

Shive Hattery Architecture and Engineering

Architecture and engineering consulting firm, Shive-Hattery, has completed stunning projects in its 120+ years of existence. With a storied history dating back to 1895, the firm has expanded over time to include eight locations, 400 employees, and countless successful projects. Read the entire story (pdf)

Lord, Aeck, and Sargent

Lord, Aeck & Sargent has served clients with high-quality design for more than 60 years. Their corporate mission is "Responsive Design, Technological Expertise, and Exceptional Service." The results of this three-pronged approach can be seen in the beautiful, functional, and long-lasting buildings designed by LAS. Read the entire story (pdf)

"SpecLink provides a large number of ready-to-use specifications in an automated, intelligent database."

WHR Architects

WHR Architects is a full-service architecture, planning, and interior design firm focused on projects in health care, education, science, and technology. WHR’s commitment to critical thinking is balanced by an ingrained empathy that results in both improved project outcomes and positive working experiences with their clients. Research and evaluation, participatory process, and applied innovation are the hallmarks of WHR’s work. Read the entire story (pdf)

BSD SpecLink helped WHR custom tailor an office master to address the issues of the company's primary building type (health care) while maintaining a "memory" of decisions within the office master across projects.

F&S Project Photo

Located in Dallas, Texas, F&S Partners offers professional services in architecture, interior design, and planning. Since its founding, the firm has grown steadily under the philosophy that principals, project architects and support staff devote their time and attention to individual clients. Read the entire story (pdf)

"With each job, I not only learn more about effective and efficient ways to use SpecLink, but also how to do a better job of writing specifications."

Yost Grube Hall Project Photo

Yost Grube Hall is a 50-person firm specializing in planning, architecture and interior design services for government, institutional, commercial, and educational clients in the Northwest and overseas. Yost Grube Hall provides both construction specifications and budgetary cost estimating for their clients. They were using a combination of spreadsheet and word processing programs. Both of the methods were time consuming; they knew there had to be better solutions. Read the entire story (pdf)

"We estimate 40% time savings with SpecLink and 60% with CostLink/AE."

DSGW Project Photo

DSGW is a 40+ person Minnesota firm founded in 1938, with offices in Duluth, Virginia, Grand Rapids and the Twin Cities. The firm architecture, planning, landscape design, interior design and implementation services to communities of every size and character -- clients who are active in their communities and want to play a proactive role in determining what is built within them. Read the entire story (pdf)

"... being able to use the [SpecLink] Office Master for similar jobs – easily removing paragraphs that don’t apply and adding new ones that do – has given us a great productivity advantage that we will use to continually grow our business."

BCArchitects Project Photo

BC Architects AIA, Inc., located in Coral Gables, Florida, has created some of South Florida’s most distinctive architectural designs, and is annually responsible for providing services for projects with construction values in excess of 300 million dollars. In 1998, they were outsourcing their specifications, and determined that the outsourcing process didn’t completely fit with their service objectives. "We were using an outsource consultant for our specs who was not always available for meetings and therefore not always in the direct communication line. Making changes and updates was a hassle and took too much time." Read the entire story (pdf)

"Having our project architects prepare the specs has created better checked and coordinated drawings along with saving us money by bringing the (spec writing) process in-house."

Neumann Smith Project Photo

Neumann/Smith and Associates is an award-winning architectural firm located in Southfield, Michigan. Their staff of 42 includes architects, interior designers, spec writers and administrative personnel. Whether designing an office building, museum, fitness center, classroom, library, medical center, place of worship, city hall, parking garage or custom home, they draw upon their diverse experience for novel concepts and approaches that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read the entire story (pdf)

"I would like to compliment SpecLink on the painless conversion to MasterFormat 04. Even our USER sections were very simple to convert."

CMA Project Photo

Established in 1977, C.M. Architecture, P.A. (CMA) provides architectural and planning services to clients located throughout the United States. With offices centrally located in Minneapolis, MN and Fort Worth, TX, they continue to experience strong growth nationally. Read the entire story (pdf)

"As a result [of using SpecLink], we have reduced our RFIs by 60-70% and our spec production time by 50-70% depending on the project type.."

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ESG Project Photo

Elness Swenson Graham, Minneapolis, MN, is a nationally renowned architectural practice with over 80 talented staff members. Since the early 70s, ESG has remained consistent in their commitment to excellence by helping clients create environments for living, business and community. Read the entire story (pdf)

" SpecLink significantly speeds up the spec writing process. After seven years of using SpecLink . . . we are extremely happy with our choice."