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HGE Inc., Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, and Planners (HGE) believes strongly in providing quality design for every project, and the company’s experienced personnel allow for a valuable continuity of design expertise.  Their almost 60 years in the business is a testimony to the company’s longstanding excellent service and success.  Headquartered in coastal Coos Bay, Oregon, they are somewhat removed from the larger cities like Portland and surrounding metropolitan areas.  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Projects are not as widespread and common in the rural areas where HGE has most of its business, but Joseph Slack, Vice President and Principal Architect, is a LEED Accredited Professional (AP).  HGE was selected to provide full architectural services for the Coos Bay Fire Station Headquarters, and having a LEED AP onboard was a critical factor in HGE’s selection. Read the entire story (pdf)

“SpecLink highlighted all LEED requirements throughout the project and was extremely helpful in identifying what we needed.”


Roth Project Photo

The Roth Companies consists of four businesses, each of which has strengths that address different stages of their clients’ projects. The A/E, construction management, real estate development, and consulting firms can either work independently on individual pieces or work together as a complete solution. Either way, they share a common history and a common goal -- their clients’ satisfaction. Whether it is construction materials, drafting supplies or management systems, The Roth Companies have always wanted the best tools for their company and their clients. As users of BSD’s SpecLink for their specification writing, they wanted to bring that same level of ease and professionalism to their estimating process. Read the entire story (pdf)

"(With CostLink A/E), we now have the ability to quickly update an estimate. And, we can easily compare the costs of alternate design solutions."




Pickering Incorporated Project Photo

Pickering Incorporated provides planning, architectural, engineering, surveying, environmental and construction management services on thousands of projects throughout the United States. The staff includes 160 individuals in offices located in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, and throughout Mississippi. Upon review of their specification writing process: a blend of a “homgrown” word processing system and a commercially available one, Pickering decided they were spending a disproportionate amount of time checking reference standards and formatting the documents. They had SpecLink and were using it in a limited capacity. Pickering took a more in-depth look at the software and was impressed with SpecLink’s quarterly updates. Read the entire story (pdf)

"The time savings [of using SpecLink] combined with the increase in quality have given us twice the advantage by improving both our specification accuracy and our productivity – improving time savings by an amazing 70% on average."



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icon transparent smaller thumbSpecLink veteran user Interplan LLC is a comprehensive development services company offering site evaluation, image development, architecture, engineering, interior design, permitting, and construction services. Based in Orlando, Florida, with a staff of over 150 and total annual billings of $10 million, the firm is dedicated to providing total solutions for national and local corporate programs for the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries. Read the entire story (pdf)

"The quarterly updates we receive from SpecLink means that we no longer have to do all the research. We know that the information is up-to-date and accurate."



TRO/The Ritchie Organization Project Photo


icon transparent smaller thumbSpecLink veteran user TRO/The Ritchie Organization, an ENR Top 400 design firm, was founded in 1909. TRO is a private, closely-held 200-person architectural, engineering, interior design and planning firm headquartered in Boston, with regional offices in Birmingham, Sarasota, and Memphis, and alliance offices in Beijing and London. Faced with the need to make spec writing more efficient while maintaining the same level of high quality as in their architectural design, planning, and other services, TRO started using SpecLink in 1998. Read the entire story (pdf)

"Because the system is so easy to understand, it significantly cuts down on the error and omissions common to previous methods."





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icon transparent smaller thumbSpecLink veteran user Coleman-Johnston-Clyma, Tulsa, OK, has, for over 50 years, conducted a diversified practice of architectural and engineering services committed to unparalleled service and customer satisfaction. Read the entire story (pdf)

"The cost of the SpecLink subscription is well worth the investment, as it has effectively increased our productivity by significantly reducing the man-hours required to write a spec and, at the same time, greatly improved our accuracy."



Reid Project Photo

Reid Engineering Company, Inc. of Fredericksburg, Virginia, specializes in the design and operation of wastewater treatment systems for food processing plants. In business for over 22 years, Reid has achieved an outstanding nationwide and international reputation for expertise in the design and operation of industrial waste-water pre-treatment and full treatment systems. Read the entire story (pdf)

"We have been able to save a significant amount of time in generating specifications by utilizing our SpecLink Office Master."



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For over 25 years, Hitch, Inc has been providing planning, architecture and engineering design services to a diverse client base throughout the Upper Midwest and a range of projects that includes commercial, educational, health care, government and religious facilities. Read the entire story (pdf)

"Before using SpecLink, it was difficult for us to maintain consistency from project to project. Now our SpecLink Office Master is a repository of valuable knowledge."






Process Facilities Project Photo

Process Facilities, Inc. (now Parsons Commercial Technology Group) is an industry leader in the architecture, engineering, planning, construction, and validation of facilities in the life sciences and highpurity manufacturing industries. Prior to 1998, PFI had no computerized system for generating specifications. This is how Kevin Moriarty, Senior Designer, describes the way they previously wrote specs: "We used to keep books of hard copies of specifications. Every time a specification needed to be issued, we would find the one nearest to what was needed, mark it up by hand, and give it to an administrative assistant to type. She would return it so you could make changes and give it back to her. Then we would check it a second time and hope that a section had not been omitted." Read the entire story (pdf)

"SpecLink is a superior, quality product. It has made us money in repeat business."