BSD SpecLink-E is the undisputed market leader in construction specifications software. Based on a database rather than word-processing files, SpecLink-E can readily produce specifications for all phases of a project—from programming all the way through construction administration.

Here are some of the features that set SpecLink-E apart:

  • SpecLink-E is built on an intelligently linked database. The content of over 783 guide specification sections can be expanded or collapsed to provide outline, short form, and full construction specs, without the need to start over at each phase of a project.

    In addition, the hundreds of thousands of intelligent links connecting individual paragraphs drastically speed up the editing process—and give you greater confidence that selections you make in one section are not contradicted elsewhere in the project manual.

  • SpecLink-E is edited by selection rather than deletion. Deciding what to include rather than exclude in your specification can speed up the editing process by up to 70%. Perhaps even more importantly, text that you choose not to include in your finished specification still remains in the database, available for whenever you decide you need it. Text deleted from a word-processing file is gone forever; text not included in a SpecLink-E project can be reinstated with a single mouse click.
  • SpecLink-E gives you global formatting and reporting tools. This includes the ability to globally change headers/footers and the font size, as well as over 30 reports for topics such as:

    • Submittals Log
    • Shop Drawings
    • Product Data, and Samples
    • Manufacturers Listed
    • User Defined Tags

    Other features include: spell check, find-and-replace, tables, user-defined tags, and hyperlinks to thousands of web sites.

  • SpecLink-E has comprehensive, continuously updated content. In contrast to specifications systems based on word processing that are updated on a five- or six-year cycle, SpecLink-E’s content is continuously updated throughout the year. And in addition to continuous updates of existing content, our team of expert writers is constantly adding new sections to the database. Read more about our automatic updating here.
  • SpecLink-E makes it a breeze to manage an office master. By importing your own unique sections and notes to the specifier, you can preserve institutional knowledge while taking advantage of SpecLink-E’s time-saving features. Even better, you will continuously receive updates—but these updates will not overwrite your existing office master or project-level customizations.
  • SpecLink-E connects you to BIM through BSD’s LinkMan-E software, which allows users to easily create, monitor, and modify relationships between the two representations of a building design project—as drawn using Autodesk Revit, and as specified using SpecLink-E.

Download SpecLink-E Advantages – a summary of SpecLink-E’s features that you and your colleagues can review at your next meeting.