Automatically create a Table of Contents.
Automatically remove section references to sections that are not in the project.
Automatically apply headers / footers to all sections from one location.
Automatically remove or add Submittal references in the section.
Section formatting changes can be applied to multiple sections at the same time.
Section formatting changes can be restricted to individual sections and not applied to the entire document.
The system will automatically convert all sections of a project to PDFs.
The system can change Style Levels between Articles, Paragraphs, and various subparagraphs.
The system can perform Up/Down Searches for Editing text Selections.
The system can increase/reduce (single/double/triple) space between paragraphs.
We have the ability to edit bracketed text.
Our specifications can generate a submittals report and O&M report.
The system will parse sections to create an overall report.
The submittals report can be organized by deliverables such as test reports, samples, etc.
Our specifications can generate a Report noting if open bracketed Text is present so that final selections can be made.
Our specifications can generate Warranty reports.
Various types of notes (project, specifier, or office master) can be added to a Section, and can they be categorized by color.
The auditing reports can be generated to indicate historical editing.
When using specs from a previous project, the system can compare those sections against the Master to identify what text was modified or removed.
When the masters are updated, the system will show what has changed from the last update.
Multiple users can edit the specification at the same time.
The software will maintain an audit trail of changes by user.
The software can track different versions and allow a user to roll-back to a previous version.

Technical Content

PART 1 - REFERENCED STANDARDS are synchronized with body text to confirm that the section is cited in the content.
There is a setting to switch between Metric and English units
Our specifications include Manufacturer Contact Information.
Our specifications include Water/Wastewater Current Content.
We provide Manufacturer Update Monitoring.
We include Division 00 Specifications.
Our specification Divisions 00 and 01 are written in both Imperative and Indicative format, as necessary.
Our Divisions 02 - 49 are written in Imperative Mood.
Manufacturers Data Sheet can be inserted in a Section.
There is a setting that will allow the user to change between the terms Engineer/Architect/Owner.
Client-specific terms can be included in the settings and used throughout the specification.
Our specifications include submittal references to LEED, Green Globes, and other Sustainable Design and Construction Requirements.
Our specifications include references to Green Procurement, Green Globes, ASHRAE and other sustainable Procurement Requirements.
Our specifications include references to Seismic Requirements.
Our specifications include a Blank Formatted CSI (Template) Section (as base for a new Section).
Our specifications include Explanation of Section Contents. (a coversheet that explains the specification content)
We provide specifications that are focused on building (vertical) projects.
We provide specifications that are focused on infrastructure (horizontal) projects.
We use the latest EJCDC General/Supplementary Conditions.
If Owner/Client insists on using their Division 00 and 01 sections, we can provide the coordination between those and the technical sections of Divisions 02 through 16 or 50.


We have a standard REVIT interface called Linkman-E.
We provide a quality assurance checklist to insure that drawings and specifications are coordinated.
We provide abbreviated specifications that can be cut and pasted onto drawings when project scope is minimal.


Is there an option for Enterprise licensing?
Our license model allow for an option to extend a temporary license to a subconsultant, Joint-venture firm, or trade partner.
Our software is licensed by named user, regardless of geographic location.
There is an annual maintenance required to be able to use the software after the initial purchase.
A license can be 'borrowed' or 'checked out' in the event that the user doesn't have access to the internet or a license server.
There is a cloud-based licensing option for our specifications.
Additional license seats can be added at any time.
The license gives the firm a copyright and ownership of the content created using the software.
The licensing server can track the number of users accessing a seat and administer access rights.

Training and User Support

We have 24-hour/7 days per week User Support available.
We have online and on-demand training available.
Is content support available? Realtime or on-line forum?