Reference Standards

SpecLink-E includes citations to over 2,000 reference standards. SpecLink-E is the only specifications product on the market that verifies every reference standard included in the master database on not less than an annual basis. SpecLink-E includes full titles and edition dates of all reference standards — in a References article in Part 1 of each section and in a consolidated reference standards section in Division 1. Either or both locations can be automatically "turned on" with one setting. The title/date entries are automatically coordinated to the standards that are actually cited in the body of the specifications, to avoid the confusion caused by uncited references appearing in the References articles. Our Specifiers' Library includes a complete list of the organizations whose standards are referenced in SpecLink-E.

SpecLink-E also includes hyperlinks that allow users to connect to a website for more information about every reference standard. BSD works with IHS, Inc., which gathers information from disparate sources and makes it available to various industries, including the construction industry. Under our agreement with IHS, we provide hyperlinks to all documents that are available through their IHS Standards Store. For other documents not available through IHS, SpecLink-E provides hyperlinks to the authoring organization's web site, where the documents can be purchased and may sometimes be available free of charge.