SpecLink-E Content

BSD SpecLink-E is not only the best construction specification software on the market; SpecLink-E also comes with the most comprehensive and up-to-date content available.

SpecLink-E documents may be broken into three categories:

Content Organization

All sections and documents in SpecLink-E are organized according to CSI/CSC's MasterFormat® (2004/2010-2016+ editions and up), SectionFormat™ (2008 edition), and PageFormat™ (2008 edition). The document tree in SpecLink-E includes virtually all the MasterFormat numbers and titles down to Level 3, providing the proper location for any sections our users may wish to create or import even if a BSD-written section does not yet exist there.

The Design Criteria sections are located between Division 00 and Division 01, use an adaptation of UniFormat for section scope and overall organization, and use an adaptation of SectionFormat for internal organization.

As a SpecLink-E subscriber, you can license the entire SpecLink-E catalog (Comprehensive), or one of our discipline-focused catalogs such as Architectural, Mechanical/Electrical, Civil Engineering, or Landscape Architecture. The Catalog Listing page contains full details on all the catalogs and which sections and documents are included with each.