Revit Model

Integrating Revit & Specs: Why It’s So Important

Integrating the BIM model and your specifications might sound like a lot of work. It’s hard enough to get people to sit down and talk to each other—how can you get their output to line up, and why is it worth the effort?

Linking your specs and BIM model is important because:

  • A lack of coordination can result in costly change orders
  • Coordinating by hand is tedious and time-consuming—and errors are highly likely to creep in

BSD LinkMan-E solves this problem by coordinating your Revit model and SpecLink-E automatically. It highlights potential conflicts and can even “push” changes to SpecLink-E based on your content in Revit.

Read more on these pages for details on how this all works—and what exactly it could mean for you as a project manager.

LinkMan-E Brochure