The Basics

Keynotes are short notations intended for use on construction drawings—especially drawing details—that take the place of verbose, sometimes conflicting or contradictory ad hoc notes. LinkMan-E can help you manage your Revit keynotes through its Revit Keynote Management System.

This utility will display the keynotes that are assigned to the elements and materials in the Revit project, compare these to master keynotes provided in LinkMan-E, and allow you to edit and copy keynotes.

Keynote Implementation

Keynotes typically consist of a specification section number in combination with a short suffix, so the contractor is referred both to a numerically organized legend on the drawings and to the appropriate specification sections for more detail. For example, a keynote 042000.A might correspond on a legend to “Clay Facing Brick,” and a keynote 042000.B might correspond to “Common Brick.” The contractor would then be expected to go to Section 042000 - Unit Masonry in the specifications to find the detailed requirements for clay facing brick and common brick.

Of course, for maximum effectiveness, the keynote number should correspond exactly with the section number in the specifications, and the terms in the drawing legend should correspond exactly with the terms used in the specification section.

Revit and LinkMan-E Jointly Manage Keynotes

Autodesk’s Revit does have keynoting capability, including automated generation of keynote legends, but it has never been easy to create, assign, or make use of the keynotes. Now BSD LinkMan-E includes features that will help manage the keynotes more effectively. Think of LinkMan-E as a keynote editor, organizer, and assignment tool. Think of Revit as a keynote placement and updating tool. Together, they form a coordinated system for keynoting.

LinkMan-E and Keynotes brochure