How LinkMan-E works

LinkMan-E creates links between Revit and SpecLink-E by using the Category, Family, and Type identifications in Revit. All the Families and Types in the Revit Architectural 2011 through 2017 Imperial Libraries and the out-of-the-box template files have been "pre-linked" to LinkMan-E assemblies. You can also create your own links from your custom objects to LinkMan-E assemblies and products. You can even apply BSD’s pre-linked materials to your customized objects, which automatically connects them to the appropriate specifications in SpecLink-E.

BSD Object and Materials Catalog for Revit

BSD has also created a BSD Catalog for Revit (2013 and later) that is pre-linked to BSD SpecLink-E, BSD's automated construction specifications software. The catalog comprises six Revit Projects: Walls, Doors, Windows, Floors/Ceilings, Plumbing, and Exterior Accessories, and includes several hundred objects. Using any of the objects from BSD’s Revit Catalog assures that the correct specifications have already been linked.

Revit Materials Library