CostLink/AE Training

BSD offers a one-day training program that covers the fundamentals of cost estimating for design professionals using BSD CostLink/AE.

This workshop orients users to BSD CostLink/AE’s unique time-saving capabilities and focuses on the effective use of the RS Means parametric models. Using one of these 77 models allows a design professional to assess an owner’s budget and to prepare a detailed cost estimate at the very earliest stages of a project. The designer can then refine and modify the estimate as the building design progresses, gradually replacing model-generated assemblies and quantities with those that have actually been selected for the project. By following these procedures, designers are able to print an updated cost estimate at any stage of the project and can avoid surprises on bid day.

Workshops are held in our Atlanta office on an "on demand" basis. In addition to workshops in Atlanta, we will also offer sessions at other locations if demand is sufficient. The workshop includes a workbook with multiple exercises and qualifies for 7 AIA Continuing Education Hours (CEHs).

Training Dates
On demand; please contact us
1 day, 9 am to 5 pm with lunch on your own
Cost in Atlanta
Cost At Your Site
Please contact us

Subjects covered in the workshop:

  • Overview of the software and the RS Means cost databases.
  • Navigation within projects and the databases.
  • Using the Find feature to find assemblies and tasks in the RS Means databases.
  • Creating a new estimate with an RS Means building cost model.
  • Making modifications to the estimate to accommodate costs not covered in the building cost model.
  • Creating a new estimate without using a model.
  • Adding cost items not found in the RS Means databases.
  • Copying tasks and folders from one project to another.
  • Moving folders within the project.
  • Formatting and printing Summary and Detail reports.
  • Exporting reports to a PDF file and an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Backing up projects to a zip file.
  • Overview of linking folder and task quantities to folders.