Summary of Features of CostLink/AE

Target Market:
CostLink/AE is designed for Architects, Engineers, and others who are doing budgets, cost plans, and design development estimates. Also subcontractors preparing proposals and quotes who want to be able to reference a significant library of R.S. Means data will want to use AE.
Basis of Payment:
One low annual subscription fee covers software, cost data, and technical support.
Cost Data:
Bundled with 77 R.S. Means Commercial Cost Models, the R.S. Means Assemblies database (over 11,000 assemblies), as well as the R.S. Means Building Construction Cost Data database (over 20,000 line items), in single-unit-cost format.
Cost Data Modification:
Read-only access to Means cost data; full read-write to user added line items; can copy and modify Means data as user items.
Ease of Use:
Models provide immediate detailed cost estimates that can be modified. Drag-and-drop assemblies and line items from cost book into project estimate. Tile project, assembly and line item windows side by side for easy insertion of project cost items.
Work Breakdown Structures (WBS):
Templates included for Models, Uniformat II, MasterFormat, and User-defined work breakdown structures.
Location adjustment factors for 700 U.S. and Canadian cities for R.S. Means data; 3 contractor markups; 3 user-defined markups (or 6 user-defined markups).
Simple, easy to read, built-in Summary and Detail reports.Crystal Report Writer can be used to modify and build new reports.
All reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel, or XML format.
Scheduling Interface:
No export to scheduling.
Technical Support:
Unlimited Technical Support, by phone, fax, and email.
Documentation includes step-by-step tutorial. Further assistance needed is provided by technical support.

Click here to watch a 3-minute video demonstration of CostLink/AE.