BSD CostLink®/AE provides quick, easy, and modifiable cost estimates using built-in RS Means Cost Data. It was created exclusively for design professionals (and building owners) who like to keep things simple without sacrificing accuracy or flexibility.

Welcome to a cost-estimating package specifically designed for architects, engineers, and others who are doing budgets, cost plans, and design development estimates. CostLink/AE is designed for design professionals by design professionals. Let's face it, you don't want to spend lots of time learning or using a complex cost estimating system. You only have time for a cost estimating system that is quick, easy, and modifiable—and doesn't take much time to learn. Enter CostLink/AE:

QUICK: Create a reliable, accurate, and detailed cost estimate in 10 minutes or less! CostLink/AE provides a simple front-end cost modeling interface that allows rapid creation of a cost estimate at the very earliest stages of a project. Because your estimate is a "living" document, you can continually refine and modify it as your project evolves.

EASY: With CostLink/AE's unique front-end Cost Modeling interface (based on the reliable, built-in RS Means cost data that you've come to trust), you simply:

  • Pick one of the 77 building models that is similar to your project.
  • Select the frame and enclosure systems.
  • Enter the gross area and building perimeter.
  • Select optional additive items from a list appropriate to your building type.
  • If necessary, adjust project location and various mark-ups.

CostLink/AE then automatically generates an instant cost estimate for you. You can immediately view or print the estimate in as much or as little detail as necessary with our flexible data display options.

Built-in RS Means data: With RS Means cost data built-in and seamlessly integrated with your cost estimate, we've already done most of the work for you. Get more details on the cost data provided with CostLink/AE here.

MODIFIABLE: Your estimate can be refined and updated quickly and easily as your project evolves. You can refine your estimate by changing quantities, by making simple drag-and-drop material substitutions from the built-in RS Means databases, or by adding materials and systems common to your project type—all with minimal input time and effort.

Click here to watch a 3-minute video demonstration of CostLink/AE.