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LinkLine: Spring 2009

Updates to CostLink/AE 

The Spring 2009 version of CostLink/AE includes the 2009 RS Means database.

The new database will be installed automatically alongside your previous database when you install the new version of the software. If you use our templates to create a new project, your new projects will automatically use the 2009 RS Means database.

Any projects you have created previously and any copies you make of those projects will continue to use the 2008 RS Means database, until you decide to switch to the 2009 database.

To determine which database your project is using, open the project, then click on File | Summary Info. The RS Means database section will display the name of the currently referenced database. To change an existing project to reference the updated 2009 prices, see the CostLink/AE release notes for instructions.

This year’s database includes:
75 building cost models
11,131 assemblies
25,168 individual line items.
Also updated are the Location factors for more than 930 different sites in the U.S. and Canada.

As with previous versions, CostLink/AE users have the ability to substitute assemblies that are provided in the cost models by clicking on the Assemblies icon and finding the assembly they need. The 25,000+ line items are available by clicking on the Book icon.

Both assemblies and line items can be dragged and dropped into your project. User defined cost items may be added to the estimate at any time.