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LinkLine: Spring 2007

About Your SpecLink & PerSpective Updates

SpecLink+ Statistics:

  • 528 sections total, 109 updated or new (21%)
  • 1 new non-proprietary section
  • 1 new proprietary section
  • 524 non-proprietary sections
  • 4 proprietary sections
  • 49 sections with built-in checklists
  • 90,708 paragraphs
  • 98,376 internal links (targets and consequences)
  • 25,612 notes to specifier
  • 14,847 notes with live hyperlinks to Internet web pages
  • 2,121 external documents referenced, with live hyperlinks to order information
  • 958 ASTMs referenced, 100% within the last 9 months
  • 1,163 other documents referenced, 79% verified this quarter*
  • 183 standards organizations referenced
  • 2,414 manufacturer listings, with live hyperlinks to their web sites.
  • 941 unique manufacturers listed in 371 non-proprietary sections

PerSpective Short Form Statistics:

  • 16 sections corresponding to MasterFormat 1995 divisions
  • 5 sections updated (31%)
  • 8,307 paragraphs
  • 9,067 internal links (targets and consequences)
  • 1,563 notes to specifier, 1,022 with live hyperlinks
  • 363 external documents referenced
  • 224 ASTMs referenced, 100% verified within the last 9 months
  • 141 other documents referenced, 74% verified this quarter
  • 43 standards organizations referenced

PerSpective Performance Statistics:

  • 161 sections, 9 updated (6%)
  • 17,381 paragraphs
  • 21,929 internal links (targets and consequences)
  • 4,015 notes to specifier, 923 with live hyperlinks
  • 189 external documents referenced, with live hyperlinks to order information
  • 50 ASTMs referenced, 100% verified within the last 9 months
  • 138 other documents referenced, 79% verified this quarter*
  • 39 standards organizations referenced

*Documents issued more than two years ago are verified quarterly, as are annual and semi-annual publications. The documents not verified this quarter were updated within the past two years.

New SpecLink Sections


This is a proprietary section specifying Cosella-Dörken’s polyethylene waterproofing, drainage, and vapor barrier products. All applications and configurations contain a dimpled design that provides moisture drainage pathways and an insulating air barrier.

Cosella-Dörken produces waterproofing membranes for use with varying levels of environmental water, and drainage sheet to be installed over waterproofing or dampproofing provided by others, or without waterproofing or dampproofing. Cosella-Dörken offers options for vertically or horizontally installed drainage sheet, with several levels of compressive strength; all are suitable for below grade installations up to 30 feet deep.

Other specified applications in this section include vapor retarder under slabs on grade, plaza deck and planter drainage sheets, Bored tunnel drainage sheets (panning liner), weather-resistive barrier in above grade walls, and underflooring vapor barrier.

SECTION 10 1400 - SIGNAGE (10400 - Identification Devices):

This section covers tactile signage — ADA panel style with raised letters and Braille made with injection mold, etched metal, engraved, or applied character panels. It also covers silk screened and sand blasted plastic non-tactile signage which encompasses room and door signs, interior directional and informational signs, building identification signs, and emergency evacuation maps. With this template, traffic signs and plaques could also be added to this section. Both metal and plastic individual letters are also included.

Significantly Revised SpecLink Sections


This section was formerly titled "LEED Requirements." The change in title more accurately reflects the function of the section from the Contractor's point of view. See the "LEED®-CS Added to SpecLink" article on page 1 for further information.

SECTION 06 1000 (06100) - ROUGH CARPENTRY:

Section 061054 / 06114 - Wood Blocking and Curbing has been removed. We were concerned about the duplicate provisions in this section and in 061000 Rough Carpentry. So we sent out an email survey, asking how people used this section. Based on the positive response we got from users, the Wood Blocking and Curbing section has been folded into Rough Carpentry. A new, comprehensive checklist has been added to Rough Carpentry that allows the user to quickly "scope" the section -- from only minor miscellaneous carpentry to a fully wood framed building. We believe the checklist will be even more helpful than having a separate section.

The section has also been generally updated. Note that we did hear from some users about sometimes needing to have two "rough carpentry" sections -- one from their structural engineer, just for framing, and one for all the other carpentry that the structural engineer isn't concerned with. In this case, we recommend that Rough Carpentry be edited for the non-structural scope and then copied to make a section of a different number and title from the structural section. This should be a simple enough procedure that it can be done each time with a "fresh" updated copy of the Rough Carpentry section.