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LinkLine: Winter 2006

About Your SpecLink & PerSpective Updates

SpecLink+ Statistics:

  • 562 sections total, 233 updated or new (41%)
  • 1 new non-proprietary section
  • 525 non-proprietary sections, 227 updated or new (43%)
  • 37 proprietary sections, 6 updated (16%)
  • 46 sections with built-in checklists
  • 94,662 paragraphs
  • 102,334 internal links (targets and consequences)
  • 26,241 notes to specifier
  • 15,108 notes with live hyperlinks to Internet web pages
  • 2,119 external documents referenced, with live hyperlinks to order information
  • 957 ASTMs referenced, 100% within the last 6 months
  • 1,162 other documents referenced
  • 183 standards organizations referenced
  • 2,397 manufacturer listings, with live hyperlinks to their web sites.
  • 934 unique manufacturers listed in 365 non-proprietary sections

PerSpective Short Form Statistics:

  • 16 sections corresponding to MasterFormat 1995 divisions
  • 6 sections updated (37%)
  • 8,307 paragraphs
  • 9,045 internal links (targets and consequences)
  • 1,563 notes to specifier, 1,018 with live hyperlinks
  • 363 external documents referenced
  • 224 ASTMs referenced, 100% verified within the last 6 months
  • 139 other documents referenced, 70% verified this quarter
  • 43 standards organizations referenced

PerSpective Performance Statistics:

  • 161 sections, 6 updated (4%)
  • 17,381 paragraphs
  • 21,886 internal links (targets and consequences)
  • 4,012 notes to specifier, 920 with live hyperlinks
  • 187 external documents referenced, with live hyperlinks to order information
  • 50 ASTMs referenced, 100% verified within the last 6 months
  • 137 other documents referenced
  • 38 standards organizations referenced

*Documents issued more than two years ago are verified quarterly, as are annual or semi-annual publications. The documents not verified this quarter were updated within the past two years.

New SpecLink Section


This section covers single-ply TPO and PVC and it's accessories: insulation, vapor retarder, and ballast.

Specified applications of thermoplastic membrane roofing include loose-laid, adhered, and mechanically fastened installations. Other detailed accessories included are base flashings, primary flashings for roof penetrations and interruptions, integral roofing expansion joints, etc. Cant strips can be included in this section or referenced elsewhere.

Only one basic roofing system can be specified, but variations of substrates, vapor retarders, and insulations can be accommodated; both conventional and protected membrane applications can be specified, provided the basic membrane is the same.

Virtually any type of insulation may be specified, as well as several types of deck sheathing.

This section includes an optional checklist that, based on user selections, will automatically select and edit the majority of text that will be required.

Substantially Revised SpeckLink Section Update

SECTION 08 7100 (08710) - DOOR HARDWARE:

ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions has consolidated many famous brands of hardware into a single organization, making it easy to get the best advice and service on this complicated subject. For mortise and cylindrical locks and exit devices, choose from Corbin Russwin, Sargent, or Yale. For door closers, add the top-of-the-line Norton and Rixson brands. McKinney is well known for hinges, and now also provides floor and wall stops, protection plates, push and pull bars and plates, flush bolts and coordinators, gaskets and weatherstripping, thresholds, and a wide variety of miscellaneous items. For electric strikes, magnetic locks, and other electrical controls, choose Folger Adam, HES, or Securitron. For complete opening coordination, choose from hollow metal door brands CECO, Curries, and Fleming, and flush wood doors from Graham.

ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions provides independent specifiers to help architects at no charge. According to T.J. Gottwalt, AHC/CDC, CSI, CCPR, MAI, Director of Architectural Development, their “team of professional consultants provides objective and accurate specifications, written in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with all local and national building codes and regulations. The specification consultants use their broad range of door and security hardware knowledge to address unique considerations in specialized market segments such as education, healthcare, commercial, and government projects.” In addition, their factory-trained technical support staff can provide a wide array of other services that may be useful at many stages of the design and construction process, including:

  • Design Stage: AIA/CES educational classes; product consultation; field hardware surveys
  • Construction Documents Stage: Code compliance review, specification writing
  • Bid Stage: Pre-bid meetings
  • Construction Phase: Submittal review, job site inspection and installation review
  • Closeout: Punchlist creation

To contact your local specification consultant, call (800) 377-3948, or go to www.assaabloydss.com.