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 Construction Specifications

The Construction Specifications, over 630 sections in Divisions 00 through 33, are used to produce detailed CSI 3-PART specifications for construction documents for design-bid-build and design-build projects. It also creates automatic administrative reports, such as submittal requirements, useful during construction administration. The construction specifications are organized according to CSI/CSC's MasterFormat (2004/2010+ editions and up) and CSI/CSC's SectionFormat (2008 edition). CSI/CSC's PageFormat (2008 edition) is one of the four built-in but customizable page formats available.

The master database includes the most commonly used and specified products and construction activities, including architectural, civil, structural, landscape architecture, interiors, plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, electrical, telecommunications and special construction work.

SpecLink-E sections are complete "long form", non-proprietary specifications referencing industry standard reference documents (ASTM, ANSI, etc.) with notes to the user at points in the text where user options or required choices occur. Shorter specifications can easily be prepared from the same database, by using the Outline/Short Form "switch". User-changeable "global options" allow customization of units of measure and the terms for the owner, architect/engineer, contractor, and the State where the Project is located.

The database also includes proprietary sections sponsored by individual building product manufacturers.

See the Catalog Listing for complete details.