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BSD SpecLink Performance Specifications

The BSD PerSpective Performance Specifications have been replaced by the Design Criteria in SpecLink-E. The information on this web site about PerSpective applies only to subscriptions started prior to December 1, 2009.

The new Design Criteria sections perform the same function as PerSpective but are more user-friendly and are integrated into Masterformat, rather than on a separate tab. The performance specifications sections have been streamlined, reducing much redundancy and making them easier to understand and edit. The procurement and contracting sections of PerSpective have been merged into Divisions 00 and 01, for contracting under the design-build method.

The new sections, their arrangement, and organization have several advantages over the documents they replace:

  • The Design Criteria sections are now positioned in the Masterformat folder tree between Division 00 and Division 01, making it simple to use the Design Criteria sections in combination with any other spec sections.
  • The Design Criteria sections are organized by an adaptation of the 3-Part SectionFormat that allows the same sections to function as: 1) very short schematic phase "scoping" documents, 2) slightly longer Preliminary Project Descriptions that include lists of acceptable generic products, and 3) full design criteria documents, including scope, product lists, and performance statements.
  • The Short Form sections that were bundled with PerSpective have been replaced by the Outline/Short Form Catalog, which includes Outline & Short Form versions of the full-length construction specs generated via a "switch", rather than being separate documents. This also means that they are organized according to Masterformat 2004 rather than Masterformat 1995.
  • A Table of Contents generated by the software will now automatically include the Design Criteria sections with the other sections — formerly, creating a combined Table of Contents required merging exported files.

While the PerSpective and Short Form sections will continue to be available to SpecLink+ subscribers, they will no longer be updated. We urge subscribers who have a need to prepare early design documents, RFPs or Proposals for design-build projects, or Owner's Project Requirements to take a look at the new Design Criteria Catalog.