FAQs: Notes to the Specifier

What kind of notes are included?

Each master paragraph can include a note to the specifier, although many do not because the text is self-explanatory. The principal types of notes are:

  • A major note at the title of each section that explains what's included and what's not, where else you might find specifications on that subject, and significant specifying issues, if any.
  • Explanations of the choices involved.
  • Reminders about related work that might need to be specified elsewhere but which cannot be automatically included by links.
  • Live hyperlinks to web sites of building product manufacturers and sources of additional information.
  • Live hyperlinks to online sources where standards can be purchased.

Each master note also includes a live hyperlink to BSD's Subscriber Resources Page, where more tools and information for specifiers may be found.

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Are there hyperlinks to web sites?

Yes. Each manufacturer name listing in SpecLink® includes a live hyperlink to that manufacturer's web site, to make it easy to get more information. A note at every reference standard citation also includes a hyperlink to a site where the standard can be reviewed and purchases, or occasionally, where a standard can be downloaded.

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Can I add my own notes?

Each paragraph can include a project note to the specifier, where you can record information for future reference or to provide information other members of your firm. Any amount of text may be included. Bitmap graphics can also be inserted, although they rapidly increase the size of the project file.

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Do the notes have to be deleted or hidden before printing?

No. All notes, whether master notes or project notes, simply do not print, unless you intentionally check the box on the Print setup to make them print. You can also choose whether to print only the master notes, the project notes, or both.

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