SpecLink-E Workshop Topics


Overview and Navigating SpecLink-E

  • Concepts include overview, a tour of SpecLink-E, open existing projects, the project window, multiple windows, the ribbon bar menus, tabs, navigation techniques, and accessing and using help.

Creating and Starting New Projects

  • Concepts include creating and starting new projects, and completing the Summary Info information.

Selecting Sections and Paragraphs

  • Concepts include selecting text, using the notes panels, selecting sections, opening sections, selecting and excluding text, and previewing selected text.

Working With Choices

  • Concepts include making choice selections and changing global choice values.

Link Concepts

  • Concepts include links concepts, the links dialog box - viewing links, types of link influences, link considerations, overriding master links, and rebuilding links.

Editing Paragraphs

  • Concepts include editing text in a paragraph, adding and deleting paragraphs, adding tables, and inserting a table in SpecLink directly.

Editing and Comparing Sections

  • Concepts include importing text from a word processor, copying sections, moving a section, deleting a section, importing sections, comparison concepts, and the compare projects window.

Formatting Documents

  • Concepts include the specification format, document templates, page setup, and headers and footers.

Printing and Exporting Documents

  • Concepts include previewing, requirements reports, document and printer settings, printing, printing the automatic table of contents, and exporting to a word processor.

File Maintenance

  • Concepts include project management tools, making backups of SpecLink-E projects, managing updates, updates administration, sections removed from the updated master, and update options.

Master Project Concepts

  • Concepts include tactics for developing a master project file, modifying existing projects, adding references, insert hyperlink, and handling updates.

Working with Choices and Customizing Choices

  • Concepts include creating user-added choices, editing an existing set of choices, and removing a choice group.

Linking Concepts and Customizing Links

  • Concepts include the links dialog box - viewing links, types of link influences, link considerations, overriding master links, rebuilding links, creating (or adding) links, links from choices, and deleting or overriding links.

Automating User Reference Standards and Adding User Defined Tags

  • Concepts include applying tags, reference standards and related requirements tags, requirements tags, and non-printing/non-selectable text tags.

Creating Section Checklists and Project Checklists

  • Concepts include how to create checklists within a section, and creating checklists for project-wide use.

How to Use LEED Checklists and Tools in SpecLink-E

  • Concepts include using the LEED sections in SpecLink-E to flag specification content for LEED projects.