Division 46 Water and Wastewater Equipment

Catalog Added to SpecLink-E

August 15th, 2016; Updated August 22nd, 2016

SpecLink-E users with Comprehensive, or C or ME Catalogues have been able to see the Division 46 Water and Wastewater Sections while they were in BSD's production phase.

These sections have been withdrawn as previously noted. These Sections were renamed to convert the suffix "BSD" to "DELETE" to denote their removal from the BSD Master; they become USER Sections. We published the final versions of the Wastewater Catalog Sections following this action. We are in the process of generating supporting documents. Note: The Division 46 Sections were updated on 1/9/2017.

There are 51 Sections in the Waste Water Library (3 shared in Div. 33; 48 in Div. 46):

Future Sections