Division 00, Division 01, Design Criteria DC

General Description

Division 00 − Procurement and Contracting Requirements

Division 00− Procurement and Contracting Requirements, describe the project’s introductory project information, documents for conducting bidding processes for both design-bid-build construction projects and design-build projects, such as invitation or advertisement for bids, bid/proposal forms, and many others.

Sections define the relationships, responsibilities, and overarching processes for construction, with provisions incorporating by reference many Agreements, General Conditions, and other contractual documents published by leading AEC industry organizations, including AIA, EJCDC, ConsensusDocs, and DBIA. The table of contents and list of drawing are found.

Division 01 − General Requirements

Division 01−General Requirements, describe the project’s administrative requirements and the physical aspects of construction.  Sections define various administrative and procedural requirements relating to how to price allowances and alternates, the process of contract administration, the assignment of contractual responsibilities, and the methods of communicating, controlling, and assuring quality.
Additional Sections define temporary facilities and controls for use only during the period of construction and that will be removed when no longer required for construction operations, and performance requirements describing facility and system performance. Sections define various project closeout activities, and life cycle activities related to commissioning, facility operation, facility maintenance, and facility decommissioning.

Division DC− Design Criteria  (Preliminary Project Description)

The Design Criteria Sections are specifically for design-build projects and for creating early design stage documentation to define project scope and for procurement of design-build construction. Design professionals may document design criteria, Owners may prepare requests for proposal for design-build projects, and design-builders may prepare proposals for trade subcontractors. There is an option to create a Preliminary Project Description as defined by CSI for a Schematic Phase design narrative.
The Design Criteria Sections define the expected performance of a whole building and its components and systems early in the project, before the design of the facility. The Design Criteria documents comprise performance-based and prescriptive statements to be composed as applicable project, for buildings of many types. The 32 Sections are organized by building element, in a manner similar to Uniformat. These Sections are often referred to as "whole-building" performance specifications because they describe the performance of built elements (including the building as a whole) rather than the performance of individual materials or equipment.

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