By Joe Moreland, PE (GA PE#26321)
Chances are you've seen or heard of that popular television program where a team of charismatic hosts joins forces with corporate sponsors and a gargantuan construction crew to make over some deserving family's home within the near impossible time constraint of one week. Usually very little of the existing home is salvaged, and the improvements in the final product are drastic enough to surely be worthy of being called an "extreme makeover." In comparison, the recent significant enhancements to the SpecLink-E electrical content also deserve the "extreme makeover" designation. We're not quite ready to pull out the megaphone as they do on the show, but we're still pretty enthusiastic about these changes, and we think you will be too.

Our Journey Thus Far

Our overall goals for the SpecLink-E electrical makeover are to expand and update content, improve structure and organization, and increase user productivity with enhanced linking and extensive master notes. Efforts toward this goal have resulted in the addition of two new sections and major changes to eight existing sections as listed below, representing approximately half of the sections that our users most commonly incorporate into their projects:

  • New Section 26 4300 - Surge Protective Devices.
  • Major revisions to Section 26 2200 - Low-Voltage Transformers.
  • Major revisions to Section 26 2726 - Wiring Devices.


  • New Section 26 0923 - Lighting Control Devices.
  • Major revisions to Section 26 5100 - Interior Lighting.
  • Major revisions to Section 26 5600 - Exterior Lighting.


  • Major revisions to Section 26 2416 - Panelboards.
  • Major revisions to Section 26 2813 - Fuses.
  • Major revisions to Section 26 2817 - Enclosed Circuit Breakers.
  • Major revisions to Section 26 2818 - Enclosed Switches.

What's in Store for 2011

Our highest priority for the upcoming year will understandably be incorporating the 2011 version of NFPA 70 (NEC). Along with developing new sections, our focus for major revisions will continue to be on the sections our users most commonly incorporate into their projects, including:

  • •    Section 26 0519 - Low-Voltage Electrical Power Conductors and Cables.
  • •    Section 26 0526 - Grounding and Bonding for Electrical Systems.
  • •    Section 26 0529 - Hangers and Supports for Electrical Systems.
  • •    Section 26 0534 - Conduit.
  • •    Section 26 0537 - Boxes.
  • •    Section 26 0553 - Identification for Electrical Systems.
  • •    Section 26 2717 - Equipment Wiring.


Be Part of the Makeover

Feedback and suggestions from our users are extremely important to us. Please let us hear from you if there is a section you would like to see added to SpecLink-E, or if you have recommendations for revisions to existing sections.