Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 

UL Directories contain listings of the products that have been currently tested by UL for conformance with industry standards and UL standards. When U.S. building codes call for independent testing or approval, most code authorities accept UL-listed products. There are 10 directories of interest, each published once a year.

Of the U.S. independent testing agencies for construction products, UL has the widest coverage of product types. UL tests products to UL standards in most cases. Many UL standards have equivalents published by other organizations, including ASTM and NFPA, but others are exclusive to UL. UL standards are not included in the directories and must be purchased separately; ask for the Catalog of Standards.

  • Building Materials Directory; fire doors, construction materials; not roofing or operable equipment
  • Electrical Appliance and Utilization Equipment Directory; air conditioners, electrical heating devices, etc.
  • Electrical Construction Equipment Directory; circuit breakers, switched, light fixtures, fuses, transformers, etc.
  • Fire Protection Equipment Directory; fire extinguishers, fire pumps, sprinkler system components, etc.
  • Fire Resistance Directory; 2 volumes; hourly fire ratings for walls, floors, roofs; firestopping assemblies.
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Gases Equipment Directory; storage tanks, vaults, and containers; dispensing devices and vapor recovery systems; piping and hose assemblies, valves, connectors, fittings, gauges and flame arresters and related equipment used for storing, dispensing, containing, conveying or regulating gases, liquids, or waste materials.
  • General Information for Electrical Equipment; current, voltage and horsepower limits, etc., on all product categories in the Electrical Construction Equipment and Hazardous Locations Equipment Directories and the electrical heating and air conditioning equipment categories. Also includes selected building materials, fire protection equipment and fire resistance categories.
  • Hazardous Locations Equipment Directory; rated equipment for NEC hazardous locations.
  • Heating, Cooling, Ventilating and Cooking Equipment Directory; heating equipment and appliances; air conditioning equipment and systems; refrigeration equipment, ventilation equipment; cooking equipment and sanitation food service equipment; fireplaces and chimneys; equipment using electricity, gas, petroleum based liquid, solid-fuels or solar energy.
  • Mechanical Equipment and Associated Products Directory; automotive fuel tanks, industrial trucks, ladders, gauges and assorted mechanical equipment.
  • Roofing Materials and Systems Directory; roof coverings and roofing assemblies.
  • Security Equipment Directory; burglar alarm system units, safes and vaults, and surveillance cameras.

SpecLink does not reference the UL Directories themselves, but instead offers the option of requiring products to be UL Listed or Labelled, as appropriate.