ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICC-ES) combines the evaluation services operated by the three former code organizations (ICBO, BOCA, and SBCCI), which formally merged into the International Code Council in February 2003. Under ICC-ES rules, existing evaluation reports have the status of “Legacy Reports” and will remain valid until changed. Reports originally issued by one of the individual services (e.g. ICBO-ES) that are re-examined with no changes, or with editorial changes only, will be processed as ICC-ES legacy reports. Re-examinations that involve technical changes, on the other hand, will be processed as new ICC-ES reports. ICC-ES evaluation reports sometimes reference standards developed by ICC (or its predecessor organizations), rather than standards adopted by building codes.

SpecLink does not usually reference ICC-ES Reports, but instead offers the option of requiring products to be ICC-ES evaluated as appropriate for the purpose intended, as appropriate. ICC-ES does not label or certify products.