SpecLink-E Model Project

A SpecLink-E Model Project is a normal project but with certain sections and paragraphs pre-selected, based on assumptions about what would be included in the specification for that type of project.  A model project can be used just like any other existing project -- opened and edited further, or copied and edited further.  A model project is particularly useful to new users who have not developed their own office master project, to get results more quickly.

The SpecLink-E installation automatically includes the Platinum School Model Project - it will show in the Open Project list.

If you've modified the installed copy and need a 'clean' copy, you can download it here to "load from file" into SpecLink-E.

Platinum School Model Project:

This model project has been edited assuming the following prototypical building:

Project delivery assumptions:

What's not included:



Parent Category: Specifying Courses