SpecLink-E Model Project

A SpecLink-E Model Project is a normal project but with certain sections and paragraphs pre-selected, based on assumptions about what would be included in the specification for that type of project.  A model project can be used just like any other existing project -- opened and edited further, or copied and edited further.  A model project is particularly useful to new users who have not developed their own office master project, to get results more quickly.

The SpecLink-E installation automatically includes the Platinum School Model Project - it will show in the Open Project list.

If you've modified the installed copy and need a 'clean' copy, you can download it here to "load from file" into SpecLink-E.

Platinum School Model Project:

This model project has been edited assuming the following prototypical building:

  • One-story elementary school building of approximately 45,000 square feet, new construction.
  • Slab-on-grade floor, caisson foundation, and steel-framed roof construction.
  • Brick veneer exterior over metal studs, with aluminum storefront framing and tinted insulating glazing.
  • Vegetated system over single-ply membrane roofing.
  • Metal-framed skylights for daylighting.
  • EIFS-clad canopy at the building entrance, topped with a metal-framed skylight and single-ply roofing.
  • Interior finishes of painted drywall, fire-resistance-rated lay-in acoustical ceiling panels, carpet.
  • Hollow metal door frames and flush wood doors.
  • Acoustical ceilings.
  • Terrazzo and tile flooring.
  • Site landscaping and sodding, drive and sidewalk paving.
  • Typical HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.
  • Gymnasium, playground and food service equipment.
  • Waste compactor.
  • Ground-loop heat-exchanger.
  • Photovoltaic on roof or walls.
  • Bicycle facilities.
  • Rainwater storage for landscape irrigation.

Project delivery assumptions:

  • LEED v4 BD+C Schools, Platinum certification goal.
  • Design-bid-build.
  • Agreement and General Conditions are AIA A101 and A201.
  • Bidding and contracting requirements included.
  • Division 1 included.
  • No loose furnishings or recycling bins.

What's not included:

  • Specifics relating to code requirements and structural loading have been left incomplete to avoid inadvertent acceptance of erroneous assumptions.
  • No Supplementary Conditions are included.
  • Design phase commissioning requirements need to be added to Section 019114 - Commissioning Agent Responsibillities.
  • No re-used materials that might be available locally.


  • Users who choose to incorporate any or all of the sections into their projects will need to verify that they are appropriate for their specific application and further edit the sections.
  • If pursuing LEED certification, review Section 013329 - Sustainable Design Reporting first, to adjust the sustainable design solutions being pursued.
  • If not pursuing LEED certification, deactivate Section 013329 - Sustainable Design Reporting.