079200 – JOINT SEALANTS – A SpecLink-E Spec Guide

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This specification guide covers "gunnable" and "self-leveling" joint sealants intended for sealing joints between adjacent, in-place building materials. Content includes selection of appropriate products, estimation of joint movement, and effective specifying for projects. Among the applications covered are:

  • General purpose sealants for exterior and interior use.
  • Interior wet area sealants.
  • Paving and floor joint sealants.
  • Concrete slab control joint fillers.
  • Acoustical sealants for stud wall construction.
  • Sealants for special exposures, such as continuous liquid immersion, chemicals, solvents, etc.
  • Tamperproof sealants.

Products and Applications Not Covered:

  • Preformed gaskets (079100).
  • Preformed compressible foam sealers (079100).
  • Preformed strip sealers (079100).
  • Sealants used as adhesives.
  • Sealants used to install glazing (088000).
  • Structural glazing adhesive (084313 and 084413).
  • Firestopping sealants (078400).
  • Sealants used to join sections of roofing and waterproofing membranes.
  • Manufactured expansion joint covers (079500).
  • Hot-applied pavement sealants.