ASTM Standards

ASTM has the largest collection of standards on all types of subjects, and their store is very easy to search.

Publisher:  ASTM International, Inc.,

ASTM Standards in Building Codes

This sub-set of the full ASTM library contains the full text of all ASTM standards referenced in the ICC building codes and in BSD SpecLink-E. Many of these standards are important product standards that spec writers should understand. Compared to the alternative methods of obtaining ASTM standards, this set is an outstanding value, as well as a convenience.

On-line or DVD, published annually in June-July (paper edition discontinued 2011); ASTM Webstore Page on This Publication.

45 percent of all documents referenced in BSD SpecLink are published by ASTM (over 900). BSD cooperates with ASTM to assure that this set includes virtually all ASTM's referenced in the BSD SpecLink sections (a small number of previously unlisted standards are usually added to BSD SpecLink each year, after the publication deadline).