Design-Build Contracting Documents

"Design-Build" is short-hand for a contracting arrangement in which an Owner contracts with a single entity to both design and build a project -- that entity is usually referred to as the Design-Builder.  Several industry organizations offer standard contracting documents for this arrangement, each with slightly different emphasis or orientation.  These documents are available for purchase, mostly in electronic format.


Design-Build Institute of America, Inc (DBIA),

DBIA specializes in contract documents for design-build. Their most commonly used documents are:

DBIA documents are available at or call (202) 682-0110. DBIA also publishes contracting guides, a manual of practice and other documents on various aspects of design-build.


American Institute of Architects (AIA),

AIA's Owner-Design-Building contract document is:

Where to Buy:


Engineers' Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC),

EJCDC's Owner-Design-Builder contract documents are:

Where to Buy:



ConsensusDocs most commonly used design-build contract documents are:

Where to Buy: