Overview of Producing a Project Manual

Before you can start producing your first specifications, these are some things you might want to do:

  • Get a pdf copy of the relevant Catalog Listing on your local drive — to search in.
  • Get a free pdf copy of MasterFormat 2004/2012+ update edition on your local drive — also to search in.
  • Take your free New User Webinar

Now just get started! You can't hurt it — you never change the actual master text and you can always start over!

For keeping track of which sections are to be included and their status, we recommend keeping a Project Checklist. We've made an editable copy of the Catalog Listing of your choice to use for this purpose.

When you are using an existing project file, follow at least these steps when editing:

  • Review the list of sections to de-select sections that are not to be used in the current project.
  • Review the contents of sections that have already been edited to de-select provisions that are not needed in the current project.
  • Review the list of sections to add sections that were not used in the previous project.
  • Edit the newly selected sections to select provisions needed in the current project.

The steps listed above are only the most basic steps. In all cases, you should review the Master Notes for any advice they give and the Project Notes for instructions or information left by previous specifiers. We also suggest you review other Specifiers' Library discussions for any issues that are relevant to your project.