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You can choose to print text notes on the Detail Report of an estimate. To print notes on reports: 1. Choose File > Reports Setup. 2. Click the Preferences tab. 3. In the Print Notes and Footer area, select the check boxes for the kinds of Notes you want to print. 4. Click the Select Reports tab and click Print or Preview to print the currently-selected reports or click OK to exit and save your changes.
Once the estimate is complete and the markups have been applied, you are ready to print your reports using these steps: 1. If you would like your logo to print on the reports see Inserting Your Company Logo. 2. When you are ready to run reports, open the Reports dialog box. 3. Select the reports to run and the level for your Summary report on the Select Reports tab. 3. Choose options for the reports on the Preferences tab.…
You can attach text notes and pictures to any folders and tasks in a project. Within a project, you use the Notes form to attach text notes or pictures to individual tasks or folders. The text notes can be printed on the detail report. The pictures are for display in BSD CostLink/AE only. To attach text notes to a task or folder: 1. Select the task or folder in the tree or sheet panel. 2. Choose View…
Cost adjustments and markups are applied to your project using the Cost Summary tab of the Summary Information dialog box. You can apply a Location Adjustment, Sales Tax, up to three types of Contractor Fees, and up to three types of Other Costs. Using the Cost Summary Tab You may apply and/or edit the markups on your project at any time using the following steps: 1. Open the Summary Information dialog box by choosing File >…
In your project, you can use the Delete Empty Folders command to remove folders that have no tasks. 1. Choose Tools > Delete Empty Folders.  BSD CostLink/AE prompts you to confirm the command. 2. Click OK.  BSD CostLink/AE deletes the empty folders in the project except those at Level 1. To delete any empty Level 1 folders, right-click on the folder and choose Delete.
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