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BSD CostLink/AE displays your estimates, assembly resources, and unit price resources in database windows within the main program window, and in panels within these windows. The default display for each window is with the tree panel on top and the sheet panel on the bottom.
The grouping of several different trades into building components or broad building elements is the "Systems" or "Assemblies" method of estimating. This method allows the estimator or designer to make quick comparisons of systems in various combinations within predetermined guidelines. Systems, which are best suited to accommodate budget, code, load, insulation, fireproofing, acoustics, energy considerations, and the owner's special requirements can quickly be determined. This method can also be used to help match existing construction.
The first time you start CostLink/AE, a dialog box will be displayed noting that a valid access key is required (Note that both the Client and the Server installation must be complete before an Access Key can be entered when accessing the Security folder from a Server installation.) After clicking OK, a dialog box is displayed for display of an Access ID and entry of the Access Key. To use the software, you must enter…
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