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You can create a new project based on one of the templates supplied with BSD CostLink/AE or based on any existing project. Your new project inherits the folders, tasks, and Summary Information from the selected template or existing project. You can change this information once the project is created. Note: To create a new project using an R.S. Means cost model, see Creating a Cost Model Project. 1. Choose File > New, or click the Create…
In order to copy assemblies or line items into your project, you will need to open the desired resource view. To open a resource view, first open your project, and then use one of the following methods: Click the appropriate button on the toolbar:  Open Assemblies resource window  Open Unit Prices resource window Or, from the File menu, choose Open, and then choose the appropriate resource view. The resource view will open in a separate…
To open a task item form for an assembly or line item use one of the following methods: Select the task in the sheet panel, and then choose View > Sheet Items Form, or click the Open item form on the Sheet panel toolbar button. Right-click on the task in the sheet panel, and from the context menu choose Edit Item. Double-click on the task in the sheet panel.
The sheet panel shows the folders or tasks that are one level below the folder selected in the tree panel. Information about the folders or tasks is displayed in a spreadsheet format. BSD CostLink/AE lets you modify the way the information is displayed. To change the width of a column If you cannot see all of the information in a column, resize the column. 1. With the mouse, point to the border between two column headings.…
To change the display of the panels use the following commands: To arrange the panels side-by-side, choose View > with Vertical Panels. To return to the default display, choose View > with Horizontal Panels. NOTE: The with Horizontal Panels option is recommended
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