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If you cannot locate the line item that you need in the Unit Prices resource view, you can add a new line item in your project. An example of when you would add your own line item is if a vendor or contractor provides you with a lump sum quote for a piece of the project. To add your own line item: 1. In the tree panel of your project, click on the folder that should…
Once you have both a resource view and your project open side-by-side, use Find to locate the task you want to copy, or if you know where the desired task is located click the plus signs on the folders to navigate to it. Click on the folder that contains the task so you can see the task in the sheet panel. Copy the task into your project using one the following methods: Drag and Drop…
If all the folders you need for your estimate were not in the template you used to create the project, then you will need to add folders. Folders can be added in either of the following ways: Use the Folder and Child Folder commands on the Insert menu Copy folders from other projects using copy and paste or drag and drop
Use the following steps to incorporate multiple models within a single CostLink/AE project: Create your estimate with the first model, filling in the appropriate parameters in the Cost Models and Model Additives tab. When all necessary changes have been made, click OK to close the Summary Info Dialog Box and save your changes. If you are not in Single Tab mode, click on the Tree menu and click on Use Single Tab. Copy the level…
You can create a new project based on one of the R.S. Means cost models, using the Uniformat II Project Template with Models template supplied with BSD CostLink/AE or based on any existing project that was created using the Uniformat II Project Template with Model template. Your new project inherits the folders, tasks, and Summary Information from the selected template or existing project. You can change this information once the project is created.  Choose File…
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