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Building Models in BSD CostLink/AE 77 different building models are included, as listed below. (Some models are shown in more than one category.) Residential: Apartment, 1-3 Story Apartment, 4-7 Story Apartment, 8-24 Story Fraternity/Sorority House Nursing Home Educational: Auditorium College, Classroom, 2-3 Story (Green available) College, Dormitory, 2-3 Story (Green available) College, Dormitory, 4-8 Story (Green available) College, Laboratory (Green available) College, Student Union Fraternity/Sorority House Gymnasium Library (Green available) School, Elementary (Green available) School,…
This form shows information for the project task currently selected in the sheet panel. Description Task Description: Description of the task. Quantity/UOM: Quantity and unit of measure associated with the task. Task Type: Indicates whether the task is an Assembly or a Line Item. This corresponds with the sheet panel icon for the task. Source: Indicates the source of the task: ASM – Assembly copied from assemblies resource view. RSM – Line item copied from…
This form shows information for the folder currently selected in the tree or sheet panel. Folder Definition Tag: Optional ID for the folder. The tag is sometimes used to specify the folder's position or sequence in the group of folders at this database level, although the Folder Tag does not affect the position or sequence of the folder. See Displaying Information In the Tree Panel. Title: Description you assign to the section of the project…
Use the Summary Information dialog box to display and edit information about the project. This includes descriptive information that will print on the report title page, cost markup information, cost modeling information, and notes about the project as a whole. The Summary Information dialog box opens automatically when you create a new project. To display the Summary Information dialog box for the current project at any other time: Choose File > Summary Info or click…
Reports can be exported to a number of file formats using the Export button in the Print Preview window. Exported files can be emailed to individuals who do not have CostLink/AE, saved as archive copies of estimates, published on websites, or edited. Some of the more popular export options include: Acrobat Format (PDF) - can be opened and viewed in Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from Adobe Acrobat's website PDF files…
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