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To connect a SpecLink-E project to your LME Group: Have your LME Group open. From the File menu choose Connect SpecLink-E Project. Select the project to connect and click on Open. The selected SpecLink-E project will be connected to your LME Group.
To start a new LME Group: From the File menu choose New LME Group. Enter a name for your new LME Group and click Create. The new LME Group will be created and the Products Dashboard, the Assemblies Dashboard, and the Keynotes tab will open.
Backing up your LME database and restore your LME databases must be performed in SLE Support Utilities on the Building Systems Design, Inc. group command. Backing up the SpecLink-E databases will include the LinkMan-E Master and LME Groups databases. When you restore the SpecLink-E projects database the LME Groups database will be included if it existed when the backup was created.     Note that if you Archive an SLE project that is connected to…