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For Specifiers

Here is a list of resources and suggested approach for better improving knowledge and skills in specification writing.  Resources: Become familiar with the material in BSD’s Specifier’s Library. Make use of the BSD Supporting Documents and Specifying Courses. If you don’t already have these reference documents, particularly the CSI Practice Guides, MasterFormat 2018, and SectionFormat/PageFormat, get copies and study them.  All CSI publications are available at Download the Excel report of the Sections Report.…
BSD structured the choices and linking in to encourage any contractor making a substitution request to first become familiar with Section 01 6000 – Product Requirements content. Section 01 6000 – Product Requirements establishes fundamental product requirements and allowed product options, as well as defines many terms. After getting acquainted with general product requirements, if the contractor still wishes to make a substitution request, the procedures are specified in Section 01 2500 – Substitution Procedures.…
BSD is not able to provide content for abatement, remediation, and mitigation of: Asbestos, Radon, Lead paint, Soil, Water except as noted below, due to the specialization involved The only SpecLink-E (SLE) content specific to abatement, remediation, and mitigation are Sections 02 65 00 – Underground Storage Tank Removal and 02 8400 – Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Remediation. BSD made a business decision to avoid creating sections for toxic or hazardous material consulting work as each…
BSD does not envision adding master specifications content for FF&E items beyond those we currently have, since there is rarely any benefit to having a General Contractor markup on loose furniture, fixtures, and equipment for FF&E items that do not need trade subcontractors to install, and can be procured separately. Also, these items typically cannot be capitalized. We would be happy to look at specific content to see if there is subscriber interest and if…
We have guide information and content on how to specify for LEED v4 on our website, including the recommended approach: Here one can find a list of typically used sections and strategies for specifying: BSD summarized how to transition over to LEED V4 from the existing LEED 2009/v3 Sections in earlier newsletters, one of the most recent was: Essentially, we noted if one wishes to preserve the existing LEED 2009/v3 Sections, please…
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