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Copy and Paste work nearly the same way they do in most Windows-based programs. The Copy and Paste commands on the Home tab/Clipboard group, on the right mouse button menu, and using the standard windows shortcut keys (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) are for copying and pasting text within paragraphs and notes, and for copying and pasting entire paragraphs including target links, choices, and subparagraphs. These commands will not work for copy and pasting sections. To copy…
To save a project to a file: Close any open project. Choose Save Project to File from the Tools tab, Copy and Archive group. The Save Project to File dialog box opens. Click on the field name in the top row to sort the list by that field. Click on the project to be saved. Click on the Browse button to select the location where the project will be saved. Navigate to the desired folder…
To load a project that was saved to a file in SpecLink-E: 1.    Close any open projects. 2.    From the Tools tab, Copy and Archive group, choose Load Project from File. The Load Project from File dialog box opens. 3.    Click on Browse to select the project you want to load. Click Open. 4.    If the project already exists in the projects database, you can replace it by clicking on Replace existing project, or you…
Speclink+ projects can no longer be converted to SLE projects using Speclink-E. To have a SL+ project converted please use the Copy From Speclink+ feature on the File menu in SLE. This will allow you to complete a form requesting the file be converted. A member of the support team will contact you to convert to the file. You may also email Support, to request a SL+ file be converted.
To register your Electronic Invoice ID in SLE click on the Tools Tab. Click on Register Product Online, then Register Product Online again (top right). Enter the EID into the SLE Registration field, check the Register box and then click Register.