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When launching SLE if you notice a white box covering the File/Home/View tabs you can go to the Tools tab and see a Restore Panels icon on the right side of the ribbon. Click Restore Panels and follow the prompts. 
To add users in SLE: Be a System Manager. Open SLE, but do not have a project open. On the Tools tab, select Assign System Roles. Click on the Add button. In the empty box on the bottom left of the dialog box, type in the new user's email address. Select the new user's role from the drop down list. Type in a password for the new user. A password must contain at least 4…
Regardless of the project delivery method, there will always be changes to specification sections, and multiple versions of a section or project spec can be involved. Obviously, it's very important to identify these versions quickly and easily, and to maintain version control through the completion of the project. SpecLink-E has features to help you do this. If project requirements call for multiple versions of a section in your project or office master, SpecLink can help.…
Note: To export the Submittals Log and Table of Contents for use in Kahua™ Project Management & Collaboration Suite, export as an XML file (see To create the Submittals Log,below). The Submittals Log is an export from your project. It is different from the Submittals report (see Requirements Reports). The Submittals log includes the full text of any paragraph (and of the active subparagraph of any paragraph) that meets at least one of the following…
Certain provisions that are of interest during the construction phase, such as shop drawing submittals or mock-ups, commonly appear in many different specification sections. The requirements reports list all the sections in which these provisions appear as active, appropriately tagged paragraphs.  To learn how to tag a paragraph so that it can be recognized by a Requirements Report, see Requirements Tags.  In addition to the individual tag reports, you can generate a combined Submittals Report,…