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CSI's three-part Section Format Most sections are organized according to the Construction Specification Institute’s Three-Part Section Format. The Articles in each PART vary from section to section, based on the content of the section. Listed below are the Article titles used when appropriate. The PARTs are always used. The Articles marked with an asterisk * are almost always used. The Articles marked with two asterisks ** are SpecLink-E added titles, not in the 3-Part Format.…
Unassigned Sections Folder In the Administration folder (Front End tab) of the Project Tree, there is a folder called Unassigned Sections. When a project has been copied from SpecLink+, any sections not assigned to a MasterFormat 2004/12+ folder will appear in the Unassigned Sections folder. You can cut the sections from the Unassigned Sections folder and paste them into the correct folders.
The MasterFormat 2004/2012+ Update Database The master specification database is divided into folders that correspond to CSI/CSC's most recent MasterFormat 2004/2012+ Update, plus front end documents. These main folders in turn are divided into Broadscope Heading folders, each of which corresponds to a MasterFormat number and title. Available sections related to each heading are organized under each of these Broadscope folders. They are arrayed in numerical order, using a 6 (MF95) or 8-digit section number and title…
Project Tree The SpecLink-E content is organized into Divisions based on the 2004/12+ edition of CSI/CSC’s MasterFormat™. There are 5 main groups of Divisions, each shown on a tab at the left of the Project Tree panel. The tabs are: ·Front End, including Division 00 - Procurement and Contracting Requirements, Design Criteria, and Division 01 - General Requirements and Administration, containing the 3-Part Section Template and Unassigned user-created sections. ·Divisions 02-14 - Facility Construction Subgroup.…
Using Web-Hosted SLE is very much like using the Corporate desktop version of SLE. Because the application is hosted on a remote server, there are some differences in the way certain parts of the application are handled. When you start the 2X client, in addition to the SLE icon, you will see an icon for the SpecLink-E Cloud Help. This is an online file that outlines some of the differences in using Web-Hosted SLE, as…