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Active Versus Inactive Paragraphs Text that will appear in printed document is considered active -- all other text is inactive. To be active, text must have been selected either by system or user and have complete active parentage up to the title of the section.   Active text is indicated in the Document panel in 4 ways: ·            The text is black on a white background, rather than black on a grey background. ·            The background of…
Acronyms The acronym is combined with the Section ID to create a unique numbering system for all sections within the BSD Master, and including user added sections. It can be up to 6 characters long.  The following acronyms are used in the BSD master: BSD - Standard non-proprietary sections use this acronym. BSDXX - If a BSD section is no longer being updated, and is scheduled to be removed from the BSD Master, the acronym…
About Dialog Box The SpecLink-E About Box has several links and pieces of information. To access the About box, click the File menu tab in the ribbon bar and then click About SpecLink-E. The following information is available in this box: ·            Server Location: This displays the name of the computer where the Projects Database resides. It will say Standalone for a Professional Standalone installation. ·            Current User: (Corporate) This displays the login name of the current…
Printing to A4 Paper Size To export to PDF or Word for A4 paper size, you only need to change the paper size in Page Setup from the Format tab. To print to A4 paper size on an actual printer, you will need to change the paper size in the Printer Properties outside of SLE.
Intelligent Marking This setting is found in the Preferences tab of the SLE Support Utilities. By default, SLE is set to use Intelligent Marking. Intelligent Marking saves you time by automatically updating any data that you have neither customized nor utilized in your project, leaving you to review only those updates that directly impact your work. If you disable Intelligent Marking, the marking process will flag, rather than update even the paragraphs that do not…