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Adding a Link from Paragraph to Choice The process is similar to adding links from choices to paragraphs, except that you cannot alter the influence of this type of link. Links to choices only select the choice, they cannot change the status of the target paragraph. Put your cursor on the source paragraph. Add a link to a target paragraph containing the choice group you wish to influence. Click on the link you just established…
Adding Links from Paragraph to Paragraph If the master links do not provide the intelligence you need, you can add links.   Each paragraph and each choice in a paragraph can have a link to any other paragraph or choice. To make a link from one paragraph to another: 1.       In the Document Panel, position the cursor on the paragraph that is to be the link source. 2.       Open the Links Window by clicking on SpecLinks in…
Adding Links Power users of SpecLink-E may want to add more intelligence to a Master Project File by adding links. Technically, you can add links to any project, but it is not practical to do so unless you plan to reuse the project. The reason is that it takes more time to create a link than to simply make a manual selection or exclusion. In a Master Project File, however, especially one that is used…
Adding Choices To add a choice to any paragraph (except for sequence 0000): 1.       Access the Choices Panel. (See Flyout Panels.) 2.       Click New Choice. The Choice Options box should now be empty. If this is not the case, click New Choice again. 3.       Click the pull-down arrow at the right end of the Choice Group Type field. See Choices for an overview of the available choice group types. 4.       Select a choice group type from the Choice Group…
Paragraph Parentage Each paragraph has a parent -- the first paragraph above it that is at a paragraph level with a lower level number than its own.   Complete active parentage refers to a paragraph having an active parent whose parent is also active, and so on, all the way up to the section title.   The hierarchical arrangement of text prevents "child" text from becoming active until its parent is active. In addition, text…