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To add a new section using the template: Position your cursor in the tree panel on the folder that will contain your new section. New sections can only be added below the lowest folder level. From the Insert Tab, New Section Group, select From Template. (Or right click on the folder name and choose New Section from Template) The Add Section to dialog box appears. Enter a section number and section name You may also…
Adding a new paragraph The three easiest ways to add a new paragraph: Position your cursor at the end of a paragraph and press enter. A new paragraph will open below the original one. Position your cursor at the beginning of a paragraph and press enter. A new paragraph will open above the original one. Right click on any paragraph and choose Add Paragraph from the right mouse button menu to insert a paragraph above…
Adding Links from Section to Section Creating links between sections is the exact same process as Adding Links between Paragraphs. The primary difference is that you need to have two windows open, one for each section. With both sections checked out, right click on the tab of one of the sections and choose New Vertical Tab Group from the View tab.   Create links as described in Adding Links between Paragraphs. You must click on…
Adding a Link from Choice to Paragraph Put your cursor on the paragraph with the embedded choice group. Add a link to a target paragraph. Click on the link you just established in the Links Window. Verify that the title bar says it is displaying the correct link.  Detailed information on the source and target paragraphs for the selected link appears in the lower part of the window. In the Source panel, click on the…
Adding a Link from a Choice to a Choice The process is similar to adding links from paragraphs to choices, including the fact that you cannot alter the influence of this type of link, which is always a toggle. In the Document Panel, put your cursor on the source paragraph. Add a link to a target paragraph containing the choice group you wish to influence. Click on the link you just established in the Links…